Grub Failed To Install Message When Upgrading Is Confusing

I never know what to do when this message pops up during a normal upgrade. Saying yes seems risky, so you typically would choose No so you could have time to research it and at least continue with the rest of the upgrade.

However when you do so, it will then lead you to another screen (I forgot to take a screenshot of that one) where it will say you should install on every partition regardless of the risk because it is recommended, which brings you BACK to this screen.grub_failure

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‘How to Make Your Life Better by Sending Five Simple Emails’ By Time Magazine Is A Great Read

I’m not in the habit of reposting articles from the ‘net given the fact there are literally hundreds of thousands worth reposting, so choosing which would be difficult. But today I want to make an exception and repost something I find tremendously valuable, it is Time Magazine’s ‘How To Make Your Life Better By Sending Five Simple Emails‘:


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How Can A Company Make Use Of Forum Software?

A ‘forum’ aka ‘bulletin board’ is a website usually built on popular open source software such as PhpBB, VBulletin, Bbpress and many others. A good list of choices is here and here or just google ‘phpbb alternatives’.


A forum is a great way to get information about your product out there. It is ‘SEO friendly’, it is relatively easy to administer and maintain, and it is a great way to connect with loyal customers. But is it a viable solution for your company? I thought of a number of reasons why and why not: Continue reading

Establish A Goal Beyond ‘We Now Have A Website’


Many business owners just want to establish their place in the web so that when someone Googles them they will be found. Others just want to keep their business from looking like a fly by night operation and show anyone who searches them that they are legitimate. Still others have sites done to ‘show off’ as if to tell everyone that ‘hey, we’re hi – tech, we now have a website!’.

A website is a great solution for these but if a website is not updated it will easily give the appearance of a dead company or worse, one that was set up just to look legit.

To avoid that from happening consider these:

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How To Detect A Phish

Yesterday I received this email supposedly from Godaddy, a domain registrar I occasionally use.godaddy0It says ‘Your account contains more than 3259 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server. Please reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent possible account deactivation’.

It is followed by a convenient link to where I should login and fix the issue.

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Bad Design Example:

The ‘Quick Links’ section of the BDO website features icons that a.) hardly represent the function they’re supposed to represent, and so b.) you need to mouse over them each time for ‘hints’ to appear to know what they are for. I often need to check the time or date of a deposit or withdrawal and the transactions icon is one of those – and to prove how confusing they are I’ve already forgotten which one even if I just clicked it a minute ago.


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