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What This Blog Is For

This blog is to help promote Kaijuhost, my web development and hosting business. I’ll do that by writing about tech, something I had already been doing in the past but stopped when I lost interest. Writing is enjoyable for me, and writing about tech even more so considering this is what I enjoy doing and who doesn’t like writing about what they enjoy?

Why was techblogging not interesting anymore?

My previous blog Tech.Exchange.ph was an offshoot from the days I spent writing about tech for various publications. After a while almost all tech news turned to gadgets, which imo is when things started to sour. Gadgets have a purpose but after they have fulfilled that purpose they should be used until they don’t work anymore. After I realized that people were following tech due to sheer consumerism or worse considering these as status symbols I lost my taste for it and moved on to other things.

Why blog now then?

I am upping the game so to speak as far as my webdev and hosting business is concerned. I always say blogging helps one’s business if it complements it so here I am walking the talk.

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