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Here is my latest project,


It’s about 98% finished, the rest of the work dealing with training staff to use it and such. I was commissioned to do this mid October 2013, and it took me a month more or less to get it to where it’s at now.


  • Internal Database of Out of School Youths
  • Migrated files from various Excel files onto the db. (the process which took the longest)
  • Multiple access permissions depending on separate roles.
  • Ability for separate logins and access to separate areas of the site depending on roles.
  • Various tables displaying data by region, name, age, gender and so on.
  • Internal reporting function, downloadable to Excel format.
  • Slideshow showing various projects.
  • Etc.

The project was initiated by the National Youth Commission in order to help the Department of Education with its ALS (Alternative Learning System) program.

Personally I sincerely hope to see this project succeed. Its many programs promise to alleviate issues such as basic literacy, livelihood training, training indigenous people and other activities that reach out to people who have the least access to them, in other words those who need them most.

The goal of the site is to register these and monitor their progress so as to gauge its success. I hope to be able to work on more projects like this not only because of the business but also due to the potential societal impact.

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