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Kikay Exchange (KE) started in 2006 initially with WordPress. I moved it to Drupal around 2010. I created it for Jill, my then girlfriend now wife, who wanted a blog after she saw me enjoying Basketball Exchange so much (another blog I created for myself where I talked about my favorite sport).


Jill wrote about her favorite hobby, makeup and beauty on it. She called it her ‘therapy’ during moments when she needed a break from being a law student at the time.

Fortunately she needed a lot of breaks as it became for a long time one of the top blogs in the country in its category not just because it was one of the first, but also because she was a very active and engaging writer.

On a technical note, the most important thing I learned from running this website was caching, which I had to implement when the website was continually crashing from an overwhelming number of visitors at any given time. After I wrapped my head around the rather confusing concept and learned how to tweak it so you can cache only certain parts of the site, I learned how to host and admin even larger more complex websites without having to resort to expensive hosting solutions – an important skill to learn when implementing ‘enterprise’ solutions.

After many years of blogging on it Jill has since refocused her energies to writing about a newer passion, Personal Financial. Blog activity on KE has since waned but not to worry, I have a niece who is also into the same hobby and is studying a pre-Medicine course that should make her want to ‘take breaks’ as well in the future. She has already submitted a few posts and will probably take over once she gets more into it.

I have since added membership and other features on KE making better use of Drupal 6’s extensive feature set. I have used the Answers module for example, to provide a forum – like feature where members can ask questions and others can participate. This will help the site continue enjoying strong traffic without requiring its main writer to create content as often.

We are very proud of this website. It has given me many opportunities to learn more about Drupal and programming as a whole, which has made its administration well worth the effort.


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