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Finished in one month (more or less):, the website of Javier Santiago Torres and Gorricetta Law Office with offices at Ortigas, Pasig, Philippines.

Well ok to be specific, they first approached me April 21, 2014. I sent my candidate template April 28, they approved my offer and I started May 15, and I officially delivered it June 17.

Here are the candidate templates I sent (NOTE: using copyrighted random images picked from the web):


b cz02_templateMKTIz04_template_gavelz03_templateSC_gray  z01_templateSCz01_innerpage_templateTechnologies used is as simple as it can get: Slidesjs for the rotating front image, Php, HTML and a lot of CSS. Client had previously been using a custom templated WordPress but was not able to update it.

Writing this project was trouble free except for sourcing appropriate images. I should have offered photo services up front but probably did not because I had gotten used to other clients having a lot of hi res images already available, and even an in house graphic artist in one case, making my job much easier. In the future I must include that in my offers.

Overall cost: P20k ~ 30k.

I’m quite happy with how this project turned out and I think it looks pretty great if I say so myself. More so I am happy to give the client a website they can proudly show to their clients and friends. I had known them for a long time from another previous long term client. That in itself is well worth the price for sure.

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