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I’m proud to announce the completion of a new project,
Circa1926 Pre-Cast Inc. (Facebook link here) is a construction company specializing in Pre-Cast Mouldings, Decorative Cornices and the like. It is owned and run by a good friend and school mate Arvin Arellano. His family has been in the business since 1926 and lay claim to providing materials for such grand projects as the Manila Central Post Office Building, the Quezon City Memorial, and other historic edifices.

[singlepic id=15 w= h= float=none]The website as of today showcases four amazing projects, the Ayuntamiento de Manila, a restored project in Intramuros, the Simbahan ng Santissima in Trinidad, Batangas, St. Scholastica’s College in Manila and Corinthian Executive Regency, a modern building in Ortigas.

Arvin approached me to do this sometime September 2014. After our first meeting I determined that his main goal was to establish his company’s legitimacy on the web so as to separate it from many smaller upstarts that claim to be able to do what he does on the cheap, but often provide far less quality results.

I determined that the best way to achieve his goal was to come up with a grand showcase of his projects, many of which, such as the Ayuntamiento and Simbahan ng Santissima, spoke volumes of what his company is able to do. These projects speak for themselves, really. All I did was create the vessel if you will, for these projects to be properly displayed.


I used WordPress as my base CMS seeing that Drupal, my usual CMS would be overkill for this occasion. WordPress is also very easy to theme and customize, and it wasn’t long before I was coding in good ol php to produce quick results.

I used two plugins for the first time here, the amazing NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati, which I give 5/5 stars for absolute ease of use and completeness for my purpose – which was to create slideshows and thumbnail galleries per project.

I also used the Simple Custom CSS plugin, which is also fantastically easy to use. I realized though later on that it is a better solution for quick and easy CSS jobs. The amount of CSS work I did on this project was pretty substantial, so I might have been better off using my normal CSS editing strategy, which is to use Notepad++ to remotely edit the CSS file. I had already used the plugin extensively at that point so I just left it at that.

I am particularly proud of the overall visual impact of this site. The company produces neo-classic mouldings, so I tried to incorporate such things in the background and footer areas of a typical page like so:


There is still much work to do in terms of adding content – usually the most daunting task for companies such as this, mostly because there isn’t anyone with enough time to do it. While there are also a ton of pictures along with a hundred or more projects that need to be listed on the site, it will take time to encode these and sort the pictures out to determine which is suitable for publication.

At any rate I consider the job done, notwithstanding a few possible issues here and there. If you want to talk about getting a website done like this or if you have another project in mind, do let me know at



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