Reprints My ‘3 Reasons Not To Make A Website’ Article

A very happy surprise, reprinted my ‘3 Reasons NOT to Make A Website‘ article!



It helps that I owe Executive Editor and good friend Melvin Calimag money!

Just kidding.

I am honestly still quite thrilled whenever anything I write comes out in formal publications especially since I had not written anything substantial for a long time now.

No doubt I recognize the value of writing both as a way to promote what I do and as an outlet for many of my thoughts as I go about my work creating websites and running a business in general.

I am wary of making anything that resembles a New Year’s Resolution especially with regards to writing more, because I certainly have been there and done that. But on this occasion I will just go ahead and say it anyway.

This year I will try harder to write more.

Now if only I can address the two issues that prevent me from doing this, namely: a.) complete lack of discipline and b.) laziness, that both stand in the way of this noble task.

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