Mobile First Is A Great Step Towards Better Websites (And Hopefully A Cure For My Laziness)

Last April 21 Google announced it now favors mobile friendly devices in search results, and the image on their website I copied below is a good indicator of what happens when Google Search comes across a site not enhanced for mobile viewing.



I had certainly had my share of warnings from Google’s Webmaster Tools which I subscribe to. Occasionally they would send emails about how un – mobile friendly Mom Exchange was, and what steps to take to improve these.

Unfortunately I would immediately ignore this, partly because Mom Exchange is usually not a priority given the fact I am usually hard at work at another project, and partly because, well let’s just admit it – I’m just really lazy. There I said it.

Making a site from scratch using a mobile – friendly strategy is easy. CONVERTING a site you had already spent many hours customizing, such as MomEx, is just more difficult. Just starting a list of what I have to do on top of the other things I am already doing is enough to make me sigh and fire up a video game instead. It’s daunting and can get confusing.

But something always brings me back to having to face reality, and in this case it was when I had to view MomEx on my 5.5″ cell phone, and it was just horrible.

MomEx despite it’s age still contains a lot of information valuable to a lot of parents out there, particularly the School Reviews section. Anyone trying to find an un – edited review of a school by other concerned parents will not nearly find any as those on the site, and as years go by and other people add their opinions it’s value only gets higher.

Having seen how difficult it is to access on my phone, I realized improving it has to be done. And now with Google Search prioritizing Mobile it only adds one more reason to get my lazy behind onto the important task at hand.


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