Using Pinterest To Redesign Mom Exchange

Here’s a sneak peek of, to be relaunched in a few days:


Via a search for ‘feminine colors’ on Google, I landed on Pinterest, where I found this palette:


That palette is one of many found on You can use any of those terrific color guides to help you DIY design not just websites, but your living room, office or whole buildings if you want to. They’re excellent.

Anyway, the point of this blog post was originally to just say how awesome Pinterest is, and how helpful it is to find anything visual. But it’s also to say that Mom Exchange is about to get a much needed upgrade visually and technically.

When I made approximately 10 years ago (!) I was just learning my way around Drupal theming. Understandably I made quite a few errors and my mistake was that I didn’t yet know how to keep track of changes to fix them. It’s only recently that I decided to just reboot the whole thing design wise and use a new theming system as well.

I’m quite happy with how it looks now and after sorting out a few more details I’ll announce it again here. Mom Exchange is important to me but believe it or not it’s even more important to many other people as well because of the value of the data there, particularly School Reviews, which is probably one of the only few places you’ll find genuine opinions about private schools in the Philippines. If only because of the heartfelt comments made by people there, I’m compelled to keep Mom Exchange going as long as I can, and improving its look and feel will go a long way in that direction.

Btw if you wanna hook up on Pinterest my profile is here.

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