Relevant Content Is What Makes A Successful Website


Here’s a great example of how you can make your website relevant. upped its game by uploading all the information we normally require from the government, such as ‘how to get an SSS membership’, or ‘how do I renew my driver’s license’, and so forth, into one page.


Of course you may say, well that’s what they’re supposed to be doing anyway, right? Well if so they could have just provided a link to, say, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) website for motor vehicle registration, and they’d already be ‘helping’.

But they didn’t stop there. They basically copied that information and placed it in its own section of their website so that it sits along with all other important info like how to get a passport, how to get NBI clearance, and so forth, thereby producing an ‘all in one’ go to place so you only need to go to that website whenever you need any info from the government.


As a result their website will get visits and become RELEVANT (the key word here), to people’s lives. Remember this example when making your own.

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