Project Profile: is the website of Javier, Santiago, Torres Law Office located at Ortigas Center Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines. I also made their previous website


This is a marked improvement from the previous site as it is now Responsive (ie. designed for ‘easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling’). It also uses script allowing an interesting rotating background of images I took of their office. It loads¬†Javascript subject to the type of browser being used. It is also my first time to use Keyframe Animation Syntax¬†to animate certain aspects.


Unlike a lot of Responsive sites I see today I didn’t go for a single page that usually scrolls to load other pages. My argument against this is that if, say, you want to load page 10, you have to load pages 1 – 9 before you get there, and that takes a lot of bandwidth and may confuse visitors.

Instead I went with the typical Menu approach where you click, via large menus, the page you want to load.


I think this is better that very long pages that involve a lot of scrolling. I like pages that load quickly and I like to help the user navigate to the page he wants without the browser loading all sorts of other things before it presents the information he’s looking for.

Estimated time to make: 4 weeks.

If you want a similar website done for you let me know via


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