So jill’s Personal Finance website may or may not have been hacked. I say ‘may have been’ because Server logs showed classic hack signs such as brute-forcing wp-login.php and wp-admin.php, the key wordpress files to try and access the dashboard.

For a site that gets only less than 200 visits a day that’s suspicious. Most random type hacks try to access every possible file but in this case it seemed very specific.

In any case being the heroic husband and cunning web developer that I am I fixed it. It took 4 hours and I normally charge 5k-10k for this sort of thing so I am publishing this post so everyone will know my tremendous sacrifice.

Seriously though it’s very important for her website to continue as it is a popular and important personal finance resource. One of her most popular posts on the notorious Manila Banker’s shady recruiting practices has hundreds of comments and serves as a sounding board for a litany of complaints about the bank. Other posts where she talks frankly about insurance, bank accounts and negotiating with PhilHealth, SSS, Pag-Ibig etc. gets many visits and comments everyday. It is obvious Filipinos are desperate for knowledge on finances thus making her website a valuable collection of information. It’s also obvious there are powerful companies that probably wish she wasn’t as honest which may or may not add to my hacked theory.

I installed a captcha, a plugin to compress images, a firewall plugin and I am contemplating cloudflaring the site’s DNS, which is fidgety and I’m tired so maybe I’ll do it later. To the people who tried to take it down I have 2 things to say to you: good try and screw you.

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