Thoughts On The Jeep Hack

Wired Magazine recently published a gem of an article where hackers managed to hack in to a Fiat Chrysler Jeep. Once they had complete control they managed to change the radio station, increase the volume, turn the wipers on, squirt wiper fluid on the glass, switch the air conditioning to full on, and finally disabled the transmission. Apparently they can not only do this they can also kill the engine, disable the brakes, tighten the seatbelt and even steer it at low speeds.


I have to be honest up until the time I learned of this hack I didn’t actually know that it was to possible to stop let alone steer a vehicle remotely. I had heard of car tech that report on the state of their engines and electricals as well as of course navigation. But I never thought they actually also reported whether the a/c was being used or what radio station was being listened to and at what volume. Of course at the back of my mind I knew that information could be collected so car manufacturers can sell it to marketers who can then tailor fit advertisements to specific clients or god knows what else, but it still seemed all so detestable considering the tech being used is so amazing yet it is being used for such trivial reasons.

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Grub Failed To Install Message When Upgrading Is Confusing

I never know what to do when this message pops up during a normal upgrade. Saying yes seems risky, so you typically would choose No so you could have time to research it and at least continue with the rest of the upgrade.

However when you do so, it will then lead you to another screen (I forgot to take a screenshot of that one) where it will say you should install on every partition regardless of the risk because it is recommended, which brings you BACK to this screen.grub_failure

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Bad Design Example:

The ‘Quick Links’ section of the BDO website features icons that a.) hardly represent the function they’re supposed to represent, and so b.) you need to mouse over them each time for ‘hints’ to appear to know what they are for. I often need to check the time or date of a deposit or withdrawal and the transactions icon is one of those – and to prove how confusing they are I’ve already forgotten which one even if I just clicked it a minute ago.


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