Great Post On RRW Says Exactly What I Was Trying To Say

Read Write Web came up with an awesome post titled ‘Why Every Tech Company Should Hire An English Major‘, with points I had been trying to in my ‘Why A Corporate Blog‘ series.

A strong developer is worth her weight in gold, but engineering is only half the picture in any tech company, and certainly in any startup. For every company that can develop an incredible hardware or software product, there are more companies who fail in the attempt to get someone interested in buying that product.

This is why former Twitter and Google executive Santosh Jayaram told The Wall Street Journal that “English majors are exactly the people I’m looking for” in building up his startup, Daemonic Labs.

English majors, according to Jayaram, can “tell stories,” which is increasingly the difference between success and failure in a startup:

Almost anything you can imagine you can now build, so the battleground in business has shifted from engineering, which everybody can do, to storytelling, for which many fewer people have real talent. 

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Is A Corporate Blog Always Better Than A Brochure – Like Website? – Part 2

In a word: no. The deciding factor between using a ‘brochure’ website and a blog is the writing aspect. If you can consistently maintain a steady stream of blog posts about your company and write about things like what it does, your profession and maybe occasionally yourself or the people in it, then you are in an enviable position and should start blogging right away.

Customers will appreciate your input and you will be promoting your business potentially just as well as buying ad space in a major daily (Yes I’m serious!) without spending a lot of money as you are merely drawing from experience and your surroundings.

It also does a service for people in your profession as a whole, adding insight and an appreciation of what you do to people who would not otherwise know any better – something I personally am keenly aware of considering I used to blog and explain technology while most people think tech is something that involves the dark arts.

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When To Use A Blog As A Corporate Website – Part 1

I have had many instances of clients asking to install a blog as their Corporate website. Caught by the ‘blogging craze’ it became the fashion to share thoughts and such on the Internet. While that may promise business to me considering I often offer free blog installation on a new hosting account, I often have misgivings.

First, Realize That Blogging Is Not A Tech Issue

Of course there is a technical aspect ie. the blog software itself. There is also the hosting service and domain registration. But for the most part, blogging is a CONTENT issue, with a completely different set of risks and rewards separate from that of the tech part. I say that because while you may have the best software, and the best hosting, this does not necessarily mean your corporate blog is going to succeed automatically.

Why Is Realizing This Important?

The tech issue is the easy part. With minimal tech know – how you can have a blog ready to go in a few minutes. The tricky part is maintaining it, as producing content for it on a periodical basis has proven to be the more difficult task.

Here are a few quick tips I’ve thought of to help you decide if it’s a good idea or not.

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