How To Avoid Showing Girls In Bikinis On Your Presentation

How To Avoid Showing Girls In Bikinis On Your Presentation

Whether you are using Windows or a Apple computer, there’s a feature called Accounts. Accounts allow you to set up your computer so that another person can use it. That other person will have his own Desktop, his own wallpaper, his own Documents etc. as if it was his own computer, all protected by a different password than the main account.
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My Idea for LGUs: Online Village Sticker Administration

Every year small to large villages called barangays, villages or LGUs (Local Government Units) all over the Philippines issue annually renewed stickers to the public allowing entry into their villages. Tenants pay a regular fee while non – tenants are charged more for the privilege, a common practice for villages used as shortcuts for drivers to skip traffic or are home to schools or offices that non tenants need to visit.

Annual renewal is an arduous process especially for larger villages and the process is akin to car registration renewal – yet another one of the many annoying things car owners have to go through. I always thought IT could help so here’s a web based facility that may automate the process:

Sign Up and fill up a Profile

Here is the sign up process:

  1. Tenant or Not?
  2. Business or Individual?
  3. Full name / Company / Organization Name
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Address
  6. Gender
  7. Mobile / Telephone Number
  8. Government ID (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.); or DTI / Mayor’s Permit

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Government IT Idea: Centralized Document Clearing House

After a few years working at different government agencies I’ve come up with a few ideas. Some I thought of myself, many from discussion with consultants like myself, some seen from abroad, etc. I’ll be writing at least one per week, starting with this one:

Idea: Centralized Document Clearing House


Government agencies send hardcopy letters, memos, invitations, official papers and all sorts of documents to each other all the time. The potential for fraud is medium to high especially for example when LGUs write to ask support from government agencies and Congressmen or Senators for regional projects ie. bridges, buildings, medical facilities and all sorts of infrastructure. Continue reading “Government IT Idea: Centralized Document Clearing House”