‘Jargon – Free Contract’ Boils Down What An Agreement Really Is

I like this ‘jargon free contract‘ I saw recently from Boingboing.net, which I copy here:

You give me money, I’ll give you creative.
I’ll start when the check clears.
Time is money. More time is more money.
I’ll listen to you. You listen to me.
You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need.
You want me to be on time, I want you to be on time.
What you use is yours, what you don’t is mine.
I can’t give you stuff I don’t own.
I’ll try not to be an ass, you should do the same.
If you want something that’s been done before, use that.
If you want your way, you have to pay.
If you don’t pay, I have final say.
Let’s create something great together.

It’s enjoyable because for the most part this boils down my own experiences as a Consultant and Freelancer and more importantly how it relates to expectations while executing work.

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Relevant Content Is What Makes A Successful Website


Here’s a great example of how you can make your website relevant.

Gov.ph upped its game by uploading all the information we normally require from the government, such as ‘how to get an SSS membership’, or ‘how do I renew my driver’s license’, and so forth, into one page.


Of course you may say, well that’s what they’re supposed to be doing anyway, right? Well if so they could have just provided a link to, say, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) website for motor vehicle registration, and they’d already be ‘helping’.

But they didn’t stop there. They basically copied that information and placed it in its own section of their website so that it sits along with all other important info like how to get a passport, how to get NBI clearance, and so forth, thereby producing an ‘all in one’ go to place so you only need to go to that website whenever you need any info from the government.


As a result their website will get visits and become RELEVANT (the key word here), to people’s lives. Remember this example when making your own.

3 Keys To Making Corporate Websites Work


Someone Is In Charge.

I once sent an email with a list of options essentially passing the ball over to a client who needed to make a decision on the direction we had to go. 3 weeks passed until I had to send another email reminding the client that the succeeding weeks marked the end of my consulting arrangement. This lit a fire under their behinds resulting in a long to – do list suddenly keeping me busy doing tasks I could have done at a relaxed pace if they had answered the first email I sent weeks ago. Continue reading “3 Keys To Making Corporate Websites Work”

Think Twice Before Upgrading To Windows 10 (Or Any Other OS)

Be aware this isn’t about Windows 10 per se. I’ve yet to try it and I only know of it from the few articles I’ve read. What this is rather is an attempt to make people approach the process of upgrading on a saner, more reasonable pace. I’ve used Windows (from version 1, 95, 98, ME, XP, and currently 7), two or three types of Mac OS and several Linux Distributions, so allow me to impart some hard earned wisdom.

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Thoughts On The Jeep Hack

Wired Magazine recently published a gem of an article where hackers managed to hack in to a Fiat Chrysler Jeep. Once they had complete control they managed to change the radio station, increase the volume, turn the wipers on, squirt wiper fluid on the glass, switch the air conditioning to full on, and finally disabled the transmission. Apparently they can not only do this they can also kill the engine, disable the brakes, tighten the seatbelt and even steer it at low speeds.


I have to be honest up until the time I learned of this hack I didn’t actually know that it was to possible to stop let alone steer a vehicle remotely. I had heard of car tech that report on the state of their engines and electricals as well as of course navigation. But I never thought they actually also reported whether the a/c was being used or what radio station was being listened to and at what volume. Of course at the back of my mind I knew that information could be collected so car manufacturers can sell it to marketers who can then tailor fit advertisements to specific clients or god knows what else, but it still seemed all so detestable considering the tech being used is so amazing yet it is being used for such trivial reasons.

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The ‘SMS As A Recovery Option For Any Of Your Online Accounts Is A Bad Idea’ Viral Post

There is a popular post on FB making the rounds regarding a Mr. Ian Caballero and his recent unfortunate incident with Globe Telecoms. To summarize, his postpaid Globe SIM was replaced (copied) without his authorization. The only time you would usually allow this is when you lose your SIM or it is unusable for some reason.

To make matters worse his mobile number is used as a factor for recovering passwords to his email accounts which he in turn uses to do his banking with. These were quickly taken advantage of as he received a notice from his bank that a fund transfer occurred sending money from his account to another bank for P48,000.00.


Suffice to say, Mr. Caballero was having a really really REALLY bad day.

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Why Chat On Your Website Is A Bad Idea

I have had people asking to put a chat function on their website. These are the questions I ask them first:


Do You Have Staff That Can Monitor This Chat Account The Whole Day?

Everyone knows it’s frustrating to call a service hotline no one answers. That would be the same situation here. It is impractical to place a person in charge of responding to this at all hours of the day. If you delegate it with someone who is already doing something else it will take up their time doing their main job and essentially give them an excuse for not doing that job properly. And if someone is deemed ‘not busy’ enough to be given this task, then that person isn’t probably suited to be talking to customers either.

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Thoughts On Improving The LTO


Wrote down a few thoughts while getting the car registered this morning. I had two hours to waste sitting there thinking about the LTO, so here they are.

1.) No Noon Break At What Cost? – Why are the employees forced to work thru their lunch hour? They are having to eat on their desks. They are entitled to a lunch break and this can’t be healthy for them. In the long run their performance will suffer and their service as well. I remember when we had to do that in our office, not only did the place smell like food some of it gets on the documents.

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.Info Needs To Replace .Com (Plus a .ph Rant)

I bought the following two domains last week:



All for the only Php147.00 (USD 3.31) EACH!

I had wanted to put up a clients test website online instead of my localhost but I couldn’t use their domain. So instead I started to shop around for the cheapest possible domain name extension I could find and after some searching I found .info.

I’m pretty pumped up about this one. At only P147.00 for a domain it is an absolute steal! Though there might be other cheaper extension out there unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to find it as several intense Google searches proved futile.

So why do I think .info needs to replace .com as the go – to domain for everyone? Here’s my list: Continue reading “.Info Needs To Replace .Com (Plus a .ph Rant)”