Drupal Migration & Import Services

We offer the following advanced Drupal Services:


Website Migration is the process of transferring a website either:

  • From one host to another host – If you are transferring webhosts from GoDaddy to HostGator or vice versa for example, we provide the service to do so. We can work with any webhost.
  • From a locally hosted copy to a host – If you are in possession of a website that is currently hosted on a computer (typically because it is being developed on it, or is an archive), we provide the service to transfer the website to our hosting service or a hosting provider of your choice.
  • Change of domain name – We provide the service of changing the domain name of your Drupal website in a seamless fashion.

We will need the following:

  • Access to usernames and passwords of current hosts.
  • Access to, or cooperation with, domain provider accounts.

As these services often involve unique situations it is important to contact us for a free consultation via info@kaijuhost.com