Kaijuhost School Content Management System (KSCMS)

The Kaijuhost School Content Management System (KSCMS) is a Complete Parent, Teacher and Student solution aimed at Schools and Educational Institutions to quickly use and adapt as their website. Teachers, Students and Parents can log in and transact school operations such as grading, discuss and collaborate with teachers, pay tuition and others.

  • Students can check homework, converse with teachers and work with fellow students on projects in a controlled online environment where everything is logged and recorded.
  • Equally accessible via PC (desktop), laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Depending on course demands students can be able to complete tasks and be graded even without physically going to the school. Teachers can publish grades, lesson plans, exam results, event schedules and communicate with parents and students.
  • Parents can check their children’s progress, converse with teachers and even buy books or course items and pay tuition and other fees online – a security feature parents overseas will find convenient and practical. All of this can be overseen by school owners and administrators as everything is logged and recorded.
  • On the surface, the website will appear like a school website featuring articles, facts and figures, (optional) photo galleries and event calendars of the school and student body.
  • Underneath the KSCMS will provide a complete system where teachers, students and parents can interact and share information necessary to oversee their children’s education.

Features In Detail:


  • Will have an online profile accessible only to teachers and parents.
  • Every exam and activity will be recorded on it with corresponding results. This can be in the form of images and video as well as text.
  • Students can check and submit homework.
  • Students can interact and group with other students for specific projects.
  • Both teachers and parents are able to log notes on it for the other party to respond to or take note of. Notes are emailed to each party as well as saved on the website itself for record keeping purposes.
  • Principals and Admin can oversee all activity.


  • Will also have an online profile accessible to the teacher, parent and administrator.
  • Parents can check kid’s homework and if previous assignments had been done and graded.
  • Parents are able to check schedules and bills if any.
  • Parents are able to order and pay for merchandise ie. Replacement IDs, uniforms, books, course materials, extra courses, school supplies, event costs, admin costs, etc., securely via credit card online.
  • Principals and Admin can oversee all activity.


  • Will also have an online profile accessible to the parent and administrator.
  • Can upload assignments and grades for either immediate publishing or schedule these for publishing later.
  • Can converse with parents via a forum.
  • Can converse with other teachers and admin via a forum to share and discuss activities, learnings and course materials.
  • Can moderate forums participated in by students.
  • Principals and Admin can oversee all activity.

Optional Features:

  • Shopping Area – Aside from having the ability to pay Tuition online, the website can also sell merchandise ie. t-shirts, school uniforms, bags, notebooks, tickets, books, etc. Items can be organized per relevance, category, price, availability, specific features (size, weight, etc.). This is a great boon to busy or overseas parents to purchase items quickly and hassle free as it avoids having to do it personally.
  • Photo Galleries – For showcasing images of school facilities, school events, faculty, staff, students and student bodies. Photo galleries can be made to immediately appear on front page after events are held to remain relevant. Older event galleries can be manually or automatically archived.
  • Mailing List – An email mailing list is an excellent way to keep in constant touch with parents and update them on school activities as well as any other information the school wants to share. As mailing lists encourage feedback, it also helps schools determine which parents they are able to tap to help promote and spread awareness of any issues concerning the school.