WordPress Upgrades & Maintenance

Depending on the amount of customization and project modules a WordPress website contains, Upgrades and Periodical Maintenance can become a complicated yet extremely necessary chore.

Our years of experience gives us the edge in providing this service. We can update and maintain any WordPress website to keep it secure and working in optimum condition.

Customers can purchase Services hours either in either a Bulk Hours or Retainer agreement.

Basic Maintenance Services:

The WordPress Website updates which are provided as part of Basic Maintenance Service are WordPress core (minor version updates) and contributed WordPress Pugins. All other WordPress fixes, upgrades, updates and new versions are not included in Basic Maintenance Service, but are available upon Customer request on an hourly charge basis.

Once an Update announcement is received by KaijuHost, KaijuHost will assess each Update for installation on the Website.

Client will receive monthly reports of all Basic Maintenance Service provided within previous month.

Development Services:

Development Service includes development, WordPress training, WordPress configuration, bug fixes, theming, or design. Development Service requests must be submitted through our Ticket System, which will create a ticket for the request. KaijuHost will then confirm receipt, and assign a developer to the ticket to estimate or begin work.

Please email info@kaijuhost.com so we can recommend a Service Plan that is best for you.