Bad Design Example: Runs A Malicious Ad

For the past few months I get this error message whenever I visit an Inquirer Lifestyle page.


Note that it only appears when I visit an Inquirer Lifestyle page, and not other pages like the front page or the news section. I hardly visit any of the other sections so I’m not sure if it appears anywhere else as well.



This leads me to believe this is caused by one of the advertisements. Ads are target specific, so it likely only appears in the lifestyle section targeting visitors of that area which is why it doesn’t appear anywhere else.

The situation is so constant that I am forced to think twice whenever visiting Inquirer’s internal pages. This is a pity although not a serious one because obviously there are a lot of other choices out there for lifestyle related news.

Which is exactly why Inquirer should get to fixing it right away. Competition for ‘eyeballs’ as they call it is always intense and if there is any reason however small a reader might turn away then it should be addressed outright.

Not to mention the fact of course that if your website is considered by Malwarebytes, one of the leading anti – malware software in the world, as a ‘malicious website’, it should serve as reason enough to fix immediately. (no this is not an ad for malwarebytes, I’m just a really big fan).

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