Frugalhoney.com Attacked Part II

So i’ve confirmed that Jill’s site https://frugalhoney.com is going through a brute-force attack. A brute force attack is software that does two things. 1. keep trying to guess a password and 2. tie up the login page of the website disallowing anything else. Think of yourself as a bad guy and you do not want people to call the police. While you cannot destroy the phone system you can instead keep calling the police’s phone so when anyone tries to call them they keep getting a busy signal effectively disabling it.

While the hacker is unable to get the password it is making the website so busy trying to accommodate attempts that the whole server shuts down from being too busy.

I have put in effort to hide important pages and files away from bad guys by renaming important files. For example if you do not want people to know your porn you should rename your porn files to ‘accounting.xls’, it works something like that.

I’m choosing between using a firewall or instead setting up cloudflare which is a super fidgety task. I’m not sure if my combination of renaming / hiding plus putting up a firewall might make the whole site inaccessible even to myself. In any case the server is still reeling from so many database requests that its slow as hell. I’ll continue tomorrow.

Fuck whoever is trying this. You’re only motivating me to beat you. I’m focusing on stopping the attacks but once things are normal if you leave a footprint of any kind I’ll find it and maybe I’ll find you.

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