Work From Home Tip: Use WebDisk

The CPanel we offer has Web Disk functionality that allows the user to quickly upload files via drag and drop from their Windows (what I’m using here), Mac, Android or Linux computer. These can be accessed later on by yourself or anyone you share it with. Perfect for sharing files so groups can work together or for you to take work to and from the house and office.

How to Use:

Step 1: Login CPanel and look for Web Disk under the Files category.

Step 2: Create an account and follow the prompts. Take note of the ‘Read/Write’ or ‘Read Only’ options. Remember:
• ‘Read/Write’ – Users can upload files
• ‘Read Only’ – Users cannot upload files. They’ll just be able to download it.
Tip: Save the password on a notepad file for the meantime.
Press ‘Create’ when finished.

Step 3: After pressing Create this page will appear. Click ‘Configure Client Access’.

Step 4: Choose what device you will be using here. In this example I will be choosing a Windows 10 PC.

Step 5: Click the Download Link:

You might receive a warning from your browser like below while downloading the script file. As I am using Windows it is downloading a .vbs (Visual Basic Script) that is automatically blocked by browsers and or anti virus software. Allow it as in this case we know where it is coming from and we need it.

It will download a file that looks like this:

Step 5: Double Click it and this message will appear. Click ‘Open’

Click OK when this appears.

Step 6: Enter your username and passw here:

You will now have access to your directory via your File Explorer. Feel free to upload / download files as needed. Space limitations will be limited to the amount of space available on your account.

You will notice this icon appear on your Desktop. Next time you need to login again merely double click that icon.

A few notes:

Web Disk offers very basic file sharing. If you need to implement limits such as gb., per user, check time of usage, logging, etc. to users such as is useful for departments and groups you might consider using a more robust system like Owncloud which is also available via CPanel’s Softaculous. Contact me if you want this service.

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