Back Up A Win10 System Image

After a recent reformat I had been looking for a cheap way to save a Windows 10 System Image so that I wouldn’t have to start from scratch when reformatting. I already had a Toshiba 200gb portable drive but after many years of use it had started to become unreliable, oddly only working on my Ubuntu laptop and not working on any of my Windows PCs.

Shopee recently had a sale so I went and bought a couple of these humongous 512gb microsd cards thinking I could use them as storage for my backup but for some reason they would not format for NTFS. Fortunately they were cheap enough to not hurt so much I can still use them for my phone or digital camera.

I didn’t want to buy a new portable disk so I decided instead to use the hard disks of two dead laptops I had lying around one of which was a Sony VAIO pcg 7113l with a 200gb hd and 8mb.

But first I needed a laptop hard disk enclosure and I found one on Lazada for only P113.

So I opened up the Vaio:

So I opened her up

Fetched the hard disk and mated it to the enclosure:

And voila:

It had two partitions and Windows assigned it as drive I and J

I used DISKPART to erase the partitions and format it anew.

I then used Backup and Restore, a Windows 7 remnant that MS likes to hide away from people for some reason.

After that it was just a simple matter of following the instructions:

And voila:

I haven’t tried restoring from the backup however. I should probably try that soon.

If you have a dead laptop lying around and want me to do this service for you let me know.

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