My online store is FINALLY completely operational

I’m happy to announce that my online store where you can purchase #AtinTo merch is FINALLY completely operational. The two main hurdles I had to overcome was a.) Applying for and Setting up the Online payment gateways and b.) Setting up local competitive shipping rates.As of last week I have completed testing and can now accept payments via Credit Card (via PayPal or Paymongo), PayPal itself, Gcash and GrabPay (via Paymongo).

There are of course many other local and international payment gateways but that will suffice atm.Shipping is calculated via a special rate matrix that computes rates supplied by a local shipper close to my location. There are local shipping options that allow a streamlined approach via a handy plugin but the price difference is almost double vs. the traditional method of manually collating orders and bringing it to the shipper. Unless their rates improve or I can sell enough of these to cover that cost this will do for now. Besides I like the exercise.

Suffice to say the knowledge I’ve gained in learning how to do this is absolutely invaluable. Learning the tech stuff in itself is vital but the offline stuff, such as purchasing on time, developing a working relationship with my printer and supplier, keeping costs in check, maintaining a profit and loss sheet etc. is substantial. The Google Sheets I’ve developed to keep track of inventory and sales is worth a whole post in itself.

And I’ve not even ventured into Marketing yet, having only sold to friends and family using direct bank deposits and personal GCash transactions so far. Utilizing SocMed, using ads and applying built in promotional strategy tools are a whole new world I’m waiting to tackle.

It’s one thing for a web developer to say he can set up an online store purely on theoretical knowledge. It’s a totally different thing to completely dive into it putting my own money at stake. I can probably sell seminars with what I’ve learned.

The first order of business however is for me to sell these shirts. These are more than just products. The #AtinTo shirts are my advocacy to give a voice to people fed up with the invasion and resistance free acquisition of Philippine historical heritage. Obviously I can talk about that all day, but to remain on point I’m just happy I got my little online store going. Today this milestone, tomorrow the world.

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