FB Online Store for WinWin.blog Is A Go!

Ladies and Gentlemen my Facebook Store https://www.facebook.com/winwinblogclothing is now active and ready to sell with 31 types of#AtinTo shirts and by golly the knowledge I had to absorb to get it going is enough to qualify me to make a living giving seminars on the topic. By comparison to setting up your own online store (https://winwin.blog) and setting up a Lazada store (details later not yet finished) is far more confusing. There’s the FB Page per se, there’s setting up the store, adding inventory via spreadsheet (hands down the easiest method), the quirky and weird market interface they use, FB marketplace (a totally different animal) and tomorrow I will venture into selling via Instagram.

Let’s be honest I’m not going to be the next t shirt multi millionaire. However the value of the knowledge I gained learning to do this on top of online selling via other methods PLUS setting up a business per se is enough to fill volumes. One lesson for example is that I should not have bought so many variations and stuck to just 2 or 3 colors at the most. After selling ok the first few weeks I now have far too much stock to know what to do with and I’m racking my brain trying to move inventory. Another is that I really should have focused on FB / IG more than an independent online store. FB’s system is so much more comprehensive albeit mind numbingly confusing and to top it all of, LAGGY, but I think this holds far more promise than going it alone.

I will be offering FB, Lazada and Online Store Consulting in the near future to help people keep their sanity when trying to do this. In the meantime I need to sell the shirts! It’s one thing to brag that I can set up online stores and go through the whole process from the owner AND developer’s point of view (using my own money btw) to learn all this, but it would be fantastic if I could actually get in the black and make a sustainable business!

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