What Is WordPress Website Management?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which was created to do one thing and one thing well: publish content on the internet quickly and efficiently. It’s an application by itself which optionally uses other smaller applications called ‘plugins’ that extend, modify and improve various parts of the website’s functions. A typical WordPress installation will have a backup plugin, an anti spam plugin, a plugin that will help it get found on search engines, another that helps improve its appearance such as theme builders or image galleries and many other various functions.

Here are some of this websites’ plugins.

All of these plugins including WordPress itself requires periodic maintenance and updating. Plugins are created by separate individuals and companies that maintain their own system of rolling out security and feature upgrades. It is important to promptly address updates to WordPress websites in order to keep it problem free.

What happens if you do not upgrade WordPress?

Generally WordPress and Plugins are updated for three reasons: Features and Security, and Abandonment.

  • Feature updates improve the application and are more prevalent. You can on occasion ignore Feature upgrades especially if the feature is not important to you.
  • Security updates are far more serious and must be implemented immediately yet still with caution. Internet ‘bad guys’ are always trying to find a way to take over or control web applications and will use malware or improperly written code to gain access to it and consequently your website. It’s important to backup your website immediately, make sure the backup works, then implement the update asap.
  • Many plugins are created by individuals or small groups of developers then eventually move on to other things leaving their code unattended. It is equally important to update Abandoned plugins as you would security updates as unattended code will be used by bad actors again to gain access to your website.

Can I Delegate This To Someone Else?

If you have a WordPress website delegate the updating, upgrading and backup to us so you can focus on your work. Whether you update often or not you can rest assured that the website is always in optimal shape and there is always a backup should it be needed.

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