Has Your Webmaster Abandoned You?

Ask yourself this: If you need to contact your webmaster right now how long do you have to wait for a response? If it’s 3 days or more you may be in trouble.

9 out of 10 my new clients always say their previous webmaster has ‘moved on’, is ‘too busy’ or has just disappeared into thin air. With it they lose access to their CPanel, their website’s login info and in worst cases, cannot renew their domain because they can’t contact them anymore. What happened?

People move on in life. Some changed jobs and some aren’t even in IT anymore. But your company website still needs to be maintained and updated. Your email still needs accessing, your website needs to be backed up and your domain still needs renewal.

Tip: Here are three VERY important data that should be readily available to you when you need it. If only your webmaster knows any of these you are in trouble!!

• Username and Password for the CPanel
• Username and Password for the Domain Registrar
• Location of the website backup SQL and files if any

Don’t allow your business to suffer just because your web guy isn’t available. We have been in business 20+ years and we know what to do to protect you. Contact us below!

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