About Us

Welcome To Kaijuhost.com

Kaijuhost.com is a Web Hosting and Web Development Company. Our expertise lies in our e-Commerce, Blogs, Content Management Systems (CMS) knowledge. We deliver Beautiful and Functional Websites, Online Shopping Platforms and Content Distribution Websites.

Who We Are

A business should be something you would do anyway even if you weren’t paid for it – and that’s exactly the case with myself. I have been fascinated with Internet technology and the community borne from it since 2000 when I started my business. I continue to study all its aspects every day I am on it. The web constantly fascinates and changes, but often what is new is a variation of what we’ve seen in the past. My experience plus common sense allows me to see what is relevant and what is just passing by.

I owe a great deal to the people on the Internet itself – I have learned everything I know about business, and LIFE, from learning from others on it. In that same spirit I hope to use what I have learned to help others achieve their goals.

BTW, ‘Kaijuhost’ is from the Japanese ‘Kaiju‘ aka ‘strange beast’ is a Japanese genre of films featuring giant monsters + ‘host’ which is, you know, a hosting company. I like it don’t you?

Gabriel Mercado, Owner and General Manager

Why Choose Us?

Choose amongst hundreds of quality designs.

We work closely with clients to produce solutions that work for them.

Hindsight is just as valuable as foresight. More than a decade of experience provides valuable input to decisions.

It’s not just about the tech. It’s about making the tech work with humans. Without experience you will not know this.