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Need to Send An Email Blast? Try Our Opt-In Mailing List Service!

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What Is It?

Our Opt-In Mailing List Service allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per day without the risk of being tagged as a spammer.

Why Can't I Just Send On my own?

If you email 100+ recipients at a time both the recipient and sending email server will mark you as a spammer.

If you use your work email your whole organization will be blacklisted. Regular emails also can’t be tracked so you do not know if they were opened or not.

Great? What Do I Need?

  1. You need a domain name. You can get one here.
  2. The recipient emails must be active. If unsure you can use Emailchecker.com, or Verifyemailaddress.org to make sure all your emails are valid to reduce bounced emails.
  3. Contact me and let’s begin!


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Country Segmentation
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Check all emails Opened, Unopened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced and Marked as Spam
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Clearly see results by campaign
full html editor
Features A Full HTML Editor

Sample Use Cases

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November 2021 Weekly Issue of Newsbytes.ph Newsletter. Click Here.

Client Gorricetalaw Flexing their Award. Click here.

Jan 2022 Issue of Newsbytes.ph Newsletter. Click here

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