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Bethel Academy of General Trias

Project Information

Project Details

Today I am flexing my latest project,, a school in Cavite. This project started the 2nd week of August and was officially turned over September 13, 2023.

I did the following:

  • Assisted them in purchasing an EDU.PH domain. An EDU.PH domain is exclusively for schools, and it required the submission of DepEd documents alongside regular business documents.
  • Set up the hosting.
  • Provided three templates for them to choose from.
  • The website’s features are enumerated:
  • Slider featuring a 7 second video followed by two other relevant images. A link to a registration form and downloadable brochure is on top of the slider.
  • Counters will enumerate the school’s pertinent numbers, such as students, teachers and years of experience. These immediately help visitors assess the school’s scale and range.

Following this, the front page also explains the school’s Curriculum, Courses and Events.

Between these sections the front page offers ‘action’ buttons for visitors to click should they decide at that moment to learn more about the school.

Nearing the bottom there is a form to help visitors sign up for a newsletter in order to continue being informed.

The website pages feature the basics, such as About Us (featuring a complete staff listing and contact numbers), Academics, Student Services, Announcements, a Hiring Page and Contact Us Page.

Finally there is also a Pop Up feature. In cases when classes are suspended or events are re – scheduled and information needs to be delivered asap, a Pop Up will appear on top of the website with important information for the viewer. A link to more information is optional. This allows the school to quickly roll out emergency announcements or as – needed information to website viewers. Pop Ups can be scheduled to disappear after a given amount of hours, or to appear only when a viewer is about to leave the website, views x no. of pages, views a page x no. of seconds or appears at only a certain page or pages.

The website host also allows them to create email addresses and is limited only by the amount of web space available. The host can also allow hosting of up to one more website.

The website is viewable on desktop, tablets and most available mobile phones. The website is optimized for mobile, as studies have shown more than 60% of visitors use their mobile devices.

Other Options

  • The website is primed to allow for other features, such as:
    Online Payment – The website can allow for credit card, GCash / PayMaya payment, a boon for parents who are overseas.
  • Offering Online Video Courses – With modification, the website can offer different online courses allowing study at home options. With online payment, this allows a valuable, extra profit channel for the school.
  • School Membership – The website can allow students and teachers to login and access videos, text, audio and other data that assist in teaching and learning.
  • Learning Management System – With modification, we can allow the website to create lessons and quizzes that will help the school create and sell full courses online.